College Station Texas Hilton Hotel

Texas Central, a Spanish company, decided to develop and operate the Texas Hilton Hotel, one of Boston's best hotels, in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin. Located in the heart of College Station Hotel District, Boston's largest hotel district, it features a number of great hotels and restaurants, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars. Located on the corner of Main Street and College Street, just blocks from the Boston Convention Center, the hotel is also close to some of Massachusetts "most popular tourist destinations, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Boston College, among others.

Live music is a big draw in the Northgate area, with evening concerts regularly offered by the Boch Center, Wang Theatre and Wilbur's, all offering great dining and entertainment. The hotel also serves delicious soft drinks and snacks, salads, snacks and beverages, with the exception of a limited number of special events such as the annual College Station Music Festival and the Boston Symphony Orchestra concerts.

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The green belt of the class and business center covers 40% of the area and provides access to adjacent land use, including the University of Texas at Austin, the Brazos Valley Greenbelt and the Texas State University campus. In total, the district covers more than 1,000 acres of land bordered by Interstate 10, Interstate 35, I-35, U.S. 281 and Interstate 30. The area is home to the Arts Council of Brazo Valley and is a mix of art, culture, education, commercial, residential, retail and commercial uses. It is surrounded by much of the campus and adjacent to Texas A & M University - Houston's campus in Houston, Texas.

Texas A & M Transportation Services offers bus service between College Station and Bryan, and the department provides an additional park-and-ride service to Kyle Field. A 131-acre research park was established to provide businesses with access to the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas State University campus and the Brazos Valley Greenbelt.

The Hilton College Station Conference Center has improved cleaning and security measures and is following the Hilton's CleanStay clean-up and refurbishment policy. The course is located at Briarcrest Country Club in Bryan, Texas, and the University of Texas at Austin and Texas State University campus. Hilton College Station Texas Hilton Hotel & Convention Center welcomes two dogs (50 lbs.) for an additional fee of $150 per stay.

Discounted parking is available at the Hilton College Station Texas Hilton Hotel & Convention Center at the University of Texas at Austin and the Performing Arts Center at Texas State University. Paid parking is available in the following reserved car parks, garages and on-site.

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The College Station Texas Hilton hotel in Houston, Texas offers free parking in its multi-storey car parks from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. weekends and holidays.

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Valet parking employees are stationed in the parking garages of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and Barry University Hospital. A security escort can take you to Tufts Medical Center, which is located near the Performing Arts Center and Boston Children's Hospital, as well as Harvard Medical School.

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