College Station Texas Restaurants

You'll never go hungry at College Station, but you can make your way to some of the best restaurants in town with this list of excellent restaurants - steaks, burgers and more. Whether you're looking for bacon, fried chicken, hot dogs or a good old-fashioned burger, we've put together some delicious destinations for your stay in the city. In no particular order, I narrowed down the 45 best restaurants in the BCS that you have to try quickly.

For delicious Mexican food, guests head straight to one of three Texas stores, including the 24-hour College Station. The Fuego Tortilla Grill was rated "one of the best restaurants in the BCS" and "the best Mexican restaurant in town," according to its website. It can stay open 24 hours, cook its own grilled chicken for tacos and generally be a restaurant within walking distance of a major state university.

Guests can relax in their own home and enjoy delicious dishes such as fried chicken steak, pork ribs, chicken and pork chops and a variety of salads.

You should enjoy a Wagyu burger with brie, blackberries and jalapenos, a short rib enchilada braised in black bean risotto or fried macaroni and cheese. Bite into a fried chicken waffle or Nutella - smothered French toast.

If you fancy seafood, try the prawns and grains with prawns, crab, tuna, prawn salad or shrimp & cheese. Make sure to try their fried chicken sandwich, stuffed with guajillo sauce or the pork belly sandwich. Take a look at their grilled prawns with cayenne butter that's finished with avocado, coriander, lime juice, garlic, onions and cheddar cheese sauce.

In any case, the Aztecs switched to pork, and the people in the Republic's kitchen nailed the rare cool red center. The brew is a great way to prepare your palate for the 24-ounce specialty - the bone ribeye Republic serves. Rinse the beef with a quality soup and top it off with some of its typical pico de gallo and a side of cheddar cheese.

Go to one of the two places to get a remarkable number of braised pork, blackened grouper or pork tacos, which are the only ones that do not contain chilli oil. Brushfire also contains mangoes that add sweet to savoury and savoury, so try the Short Rib Tacos to tick off all the flavours. In addition to the chicken that stands in front of it, there's also a jerk pork taco, one of only a handful of tacos on the menu that contains neither chilli nor oil, and a side of coriander - lime salsa.

As befits the occasion, try the shredded, spicy barbacoa stuffed with fat, handmade tortillas and prove that the chilli oil that accompanies most tacos works. Then take a look at the popular Tijuana burger fries, which are basically cheese fries with a ranch side. Corn tortilla is also available, but I usually prefer corn, so join in. Order a jug from the dispenser and put your college ring in it to get lucky (tradition is tradition).

The beef bomb is made with a freshly ground mixture of chuck brisket and served with pulled teriyaki pork, pork ribs and a side of rice and beans.

This sweet little Italian restaurant also has the classic you want, and they have tons of great buns to choose from. If you are not hungry for sushi, you will also have a wide selection of salads and a wide selection of starters and desserts. The Laynes offer you the Aggie staple, but the Diners offer many ways to play board games while you wait for your table.

re new to the fantastic world of curry, try the amazing selection of curry dishes as well as a wide selection of desserts. If you want to spend an evening of exquisite cuisine in the elegant dining room, you are guaranteed to experience a fantastic culinary experience. Relax with a glass of wine or beer in the famous Copper Bar, which offers stunning views of the Texas State campus.

Head over to the Koppe Bridge and treat your palate to one of the restaurant's award-winning burgers. Located in a beautifully renovated historic building, you will surely get a tingling sensation in your taste buds. Keep coming back and keep your eyes open for the amazing selection of wines and beers, as well as a wide selection of desserts and cocktails.

Don't be fooled by its appearance, the tiny kitchen at Shell Station serves some of the best breakfast options in College Station Texas, from breakfast tacos to breakfast burritos. Choose from the nearly 24-hour taco joint or skip breakfast altogether and have a hot grilled tortilla served with bacon, potatoes, carne guisada and eggs served as stuffing.

The menu is simple, with sloppy burger sandwiches and Dawgs with Pulled Pork, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and other toppings. Dinners can also include dinner for a burger with your favorite train wreck fries, smothered in bacon and cheese and smothered with a side of fries and a cucumber or two or a hot dog.

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